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Apart from the basic equipment each refugee receives from the City of Rosbach, there are a lot more options to get furniture, clothes, cutlers, toys etc. at reasonable prices:

Möbelbörse of the Caritas Friedberg

Refugges who look for well preserved furniture should visit the Möbelbörse of the Caritas in Friedberg. It’s their aim to give second-hand items to people with a very limited income.

The furniture shall be picked up individually since the Critas does not have a storage space and only very few methods f transport.

Employees of the Caritas co-ordinate the furniture hand-over:
Phone: 06031 / 58 34

The furniture collection takes place directly from the Möbelbörse:
Caritas Beratungszentrum Wetterau
Kleine Klostergasse 16
61169 Friedberg


Umsonstladen Friedberg

Wetterauer Tausch- und Verschenkmarkt

Hints for refugees in Rosbach und Rodheim

Helpful information from the German Administration:

Offerings in Rosbach, Rodheim and surroundings