Asylum seeking process in Germany

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How does asylum seeking work in Germany?

This movie (in 14 languages) is an information film for refugees in Germany.  It features the hearing at the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge. The hearing is an interview during which refugees explain how they came to Germany. It is the central moment for every asylum seeker. Afterwards the authority decides whether the asylum seeker will be acknowledged as a refugees or not.
This film does not replace a detailed legal counselling and is only a first initial information.

Source & further info: Initiative des Kölner Flüchtlingsrats e.V.

Process of the asylum procedure

You can download a rough overview of the asylum seeking procedure from here.

The BAMF offers a very detailed description of the whole asylum process.

Information for the hearing during the asylum procedure

In most cases the hearing is crucial for the decision on the asylum seeking application. The info leaflets from the Informationsverbund Asyl & Migration provide important hints on what to consider for the hearing. In additon to that they contain some information regarding the asylum seeking process (3. edition 2015).

Preparation of the hearing at the BAMF

To be prepared for the appointment at the BAMF as good as possible this list of questions provided by the BAMF (in German and Arabic) will help.

Information for the hearing of unaccompanied infants are provided by the BAMF as well. For this appointment a so called „Beistand“ – a person who accompanies the young one – is highly recommended. A letter to the BAMF to aply as „Beistand“ can be downloaded here (only available in German).

Hint for refugees from Afghanistan: The status of safety in Afghanistan is checked regularly. This overview can help supporting your arguments for the asylum seeking process (only available in German).


How to find the BAMF office in Offenbach

The BAMF office in Offenbach is not that easy to find. Therefore we prepared a map with directions in German / English, Arabic and Farsi.


What happens after the asylum application had been approved?

The „Wegweiser Behörden und Ämter“ offers a lot of useful information.

Hints for refugees in Rosbach und Rodheim

Helpful information from the German Administration:

Offerings in Rosbach, Rodheim and surroundings